The Team

Head Physician, CEO and Founder


Dr. Hardik Shah, D.O., N.M.M.

Dr. Hardik Shah is a neuromusculoskeletal specialist who has served Southeast Michigan for more than 27 years, bringing his expertise in rehabilitative medicine to the people of Michigan.  Dr. Shah collaborates with the country’s leading physicians, specialists and medical pioneers to stay on the cutting edge of emerging healing modalities, medical technology and the highest standards for patient care.  

Under the neuromuscular model and philosophies, Dr. Shah implements many modalities to diagnose and treat, some of these include, the fascial distortion model, myofascial release, trigger point and manual manipulation, cranial sacral, as well as therapeutic injections.

A 1989 graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, he has diverse experience and education in Neuromusculoskeletal medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative medicine.

Personal Trainer and Assistant Posture and Gait Analyst


Chris Moigis, B.A., C.S.C.S., C.P.T., C.E.S., USRA Level III, RYT 200

Chris Moigis comes to us with 16 years of experience in the fitness industry: Working the spectrum from high performance to post rehabilitative work. For the last 13 years, his paradigm has focused on balancing the body to maximize function. At INMM, this concept will be applied to his patients by empowering them to build off the therapy provided by performing modalities of self trigger point, stretches, and therapeutic exercises. He is also working toward becoming a neuromuscular therapist to more effectively serve his patients. Chris is married with two girls, enjoys yoga, reading, and still dabbles in the sport of rowing (a sport he was involved with for 24 years).

Massage Therapist


Heather K. Bossler, M.S., L.M.T., C.S.T., Reiki Master

Heather has always been passionate about helping people recover from their injuries and illnesses – both psychologically and physically. She attended massage therapy school with the intention of developing a system to help people better understand their pain and to become more proactive in their healing. Heather has worked with Dr Shah for nearly three years, as an essential part of his team and pathway to healing.